Interesting day Sunday.

Going into San Francisco on my one day trip there, my mom reared ended a car on the bridge with the rental car. Almost missed my first meeting with Aaron Burcell (made him u-turn twice coming from Palo Alto, sorry again), VP of Marketing at Grockit where I’m interning this summer.

After two hours with Aaron at Grockit’s innovation space (office), went to see David Hassell and Shane Metcalf at 15Five, where I am also interning. We spoke for half an hour and I got to know them a little before we went to a bbq.

This was not a shabby bbq though. There, we had David Hassell, “The Most Connected Man you don’t know on Silicon Valley” according to Forbes, Mike Del Ponte – ex Director of Marketing for BranchOut (thanks for the compliment on my watch),Francis Pedraza – Founder/CEO of Everest (and one or two other Everest team members and founders) who also rock-climbs, Audrey Melnik – Founder of, who should have beat me in a neck-to-neck game of pool until she scratched on the 8 ball, Jesse Levin – Founder/CEO of Archer Group Investments, wilderness survivalist, and great bbq’er and host, and a few other entrepreneurs whom I didn’t spend a lot of time with.

Well, that was a nice sample of a San Francisco networking session/Sunday get-together. Hopefully they all add me on LinkedIn :p . Heard some great things and had some great food if they don’t.